Let’s imagine that somebody is looking for software development companies to outsource their new project. Is there a way to be sure that a vendor can be trusted? That’s what most customers think about when they go through online shops and software development companies’ listings/directories. And that’s where B2B review websites and trust badges come into the picture.

Do you want to know how to improve your conversions and reach? Then, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s get it started!

How Trust Badges Motivate Users to Convert into Buyers

Trust badges (also known as “trust seals”) represent a sign of approval from B2B review sites that companies can display on their platforms. A badge from a reputable portal means that your business is authentic and secure, and that it provides good value. IT companies and online businesses strive to get trust badges from B2B review platforms to get new clients and drive more sales.

These badges can drive your sales forward by introducing social proof, allowing other businesses to judge you based on your status. Based on a 2014 Accenture study, approximately 94% of B2B buyers research potential companies before contacting the representatives. Therefore, businesses are much more likely to trust your IT company if major B2B review platforms verify it with trust seals.

Just a single trust badge from a reputable business review platform can significantly boost conversion rates. For instance, Blue Fountain Media increased their conversion rates by 42% by adding a Verisign badge. The same research indicates an 81% improvement in non-organic search traffic.

Security is another major concern for cart abandonment. How to be sure that a website is well protected? It’s quite easy. A website with a high-encryption security certification and PCI compliance will have an appropriate trust mark. For example, the Symantec seal signifies that a portal is SSL-certified (meaning the information you share with the website is well-protected).

So, what sites should you use to promote your company?

Top 20 Trust Badges from B2B Review Sites for IT companies

Review platforms can help customers understand that your company provides excellent IT services and solutions. Without further ado, let’s look at the trust badges from credible B2B review sites that can help your organization get ahead in the industry.


GoodFirms is a trendy B2B review platform and main Clutch.co alternative that lists over 60’000 software companies and services for businesses. This website has dozens of categories to help anyone find the right company for the job.

GoodFirms stocks a wide variety of trust badges, and getting one will add a lot of weight to your company. Moreover, you can even request a custom badge for your service category.

  • Monthly traffic: 795’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: Yes (ranges from a free plan to an $18000 Diamond++ subscription).


Clutch.co is one of the largest platforms for hiring outsourcing companies in the IT field. This website contains info about 200’000+ agencies in hundreds of categories, including mobile app, web, and software development.

You can choose from five types of widget icons (it’s their version of trust badges) to place on your website. These icons range from mini widgets (they display only your rating and number of reviews) to large carousel widgets (allow people to read reviews without leaving your site).

  • Monthly traffic: 2,700,000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: Yes ($150-$23000 monthly subscription).


Extract.co is of the best niche Goodfirms alternatives for finding IT services. This review platform can help you bring traffic to your website by ranking it high in your region, industry, or category. That said, you’ll need to meet a multitude of factors to get a trust badge that verifies you as a reliable company.

  • Monthly traffic: 5’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: No.


Appfutura holds one of the top spots among websites that promote IT companies and Clutch.co alternatives. Users around the globe come to this review platform to find digital marketing agencies, as well as mobile app, web design, and software development companies. Many businesses use Appfuturae due to its unique algorithm for ranking IT companies.

  • Monthly traffic: 20’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: Yes (starts at $89 monthly subscription).


DesignRush offers excellent support to organizations listed in its software development companies listings (directories). This business review platform creates a perfect environment to let you showcase your value to potential clients. Thus, a DesignRush trust seal will help you secure your position and achieve business growth.

  • Monthly traffic: 190’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: No.


G2 is an excellent portal to find IT services and software for businesses. Software development companies can boost online reach by connecting with millions of potential buyers from this platform. Given this site’s popularity, you will strengthen your brand by showcasing G2 badges on your website.

  • Monthly traffic: 6’600’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: Yes (get an estimate by filling this form).

IT Firms

IT Firms connects E-commerce firms and software development companies with clients across the globe. This review platform regularly compiles lists of top developers in various categories. You can feel free to display an IT Firms trust badge anywhere on your website (if you manage to get listed in these lists).

  • Monthly traffic: 7’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: Yes (free for top developers).


ITchooser is an innovative AAF (Ask Answer Function) and IT service acquisition platform. This website helps customers get immediate solutions to their software projects and other pressing problems.

By registering on this website, you’ll join the ranks of over 400 IT companies that offer their knowledge to businesses. Consequently, you’ll get an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise and a new resource to connect with potential prospects.

  • Monthly traffic: 2’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: No.


Are you an outsourcing company from Central and Eastern Europe? You should take a close look at ITOlist review platform. Basically, it’s a Goodfirms and Clutch.co alternative for the CEE market.

ITOlist offers a regularly updated catalog of IT vendors from Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Ukraine, and other European countries. Many businesses worldwide reach for the European outsourcing market, seeing how in-demand countries such as Ukraine have become IT. Therefore, affiliation with this B2B platform will boost your visibility on an international scale.

  • Monthly traffic: 1’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: No.

Selected Firms

Selected Firms is another valuable research & analysis platform. Many businesses use it to choose vetted talents across the globe for their software project. Thus, Selected Firms is a potent website to promote your IT company, E-commerce platform, or an advertising agency. You can display a badge from this website if you manage to get in one of their “Top companies” lists.

  • Monthly traffic: 1’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: No (free for top developers).

Software World

Software World is a substantial B2B review site and Clutch.co alternative that helps businesses find the right IT services and software for their projects. The website features lists of best app developers for different regions, as well as popular software in various categories. Getting a trust seal from Software World will strengthen your company’s position on the market and increase customer’s confidence in your expertise. However, you need some persistence to get listed as one of the top companies.

  • Monthly traffic: 69’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: No.


Looking to expand your reach on multiple recommendation platforms? TechImply should be your next stop! You can boost traffic and enhance your reputation with this website’s large pool of prospects. Furthermore, you’ll improve the client’s trust in your business by displaying one of TechImply trust badges on your website.

  • Monthly traffic: 3’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: No.


ThinkMobiles is an outsourcing development company with a vast community of software and service organizations from all over the world. Many organizations visit this platform to rate IT companies and provide useful feedback on their collaboration. By getting listed along with top-ranked companies, you will easily attract more leads.

  • Monthly traffic: 768’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: Yes.

Top Developers

Top Developers helps users connect with the finest UI/UX designers, marketing agencies, game developers, and other IT solution providers. This is a go-to business review platform for many clients across the world. Needless to say, you can accelerate your company’s popularity by getting verified reviews and trust badges from here.

  • Monthly traffic: 2’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: Yes (learn more about their pricing plans here).

Top Firms

Top Firms is another reliable platform with a massive list of software development companies and IT services. You can explore it to gain newfound exposure and a pool of high-quality customers. Managed to get listed in top development repostd? In that case, you can display their sponsor badges for free.

  • Monthly traffic: 2’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: Yes.

Top Design Firms

Top Design Firms is one of the longest-standing B2B review sites. This platform allows businesses to connect with E-commerce, graphic design, mobile app development, and other IT services. An approval seal from Top Design Firms shows that your company is a serious player in the IT field.

  • Monthly traffic: 5’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: No.


UpFirms is a strong research B2B review site that connects organizations with software development companies and marketing agencies throughout the world. A logo from this website can help you boost user acquisition and brand visibility for your organization.

  • Monthly traffic: 4’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: Yes (free plan; $90 and $190 monthly subscriptions).


UpCity offers a good way to reach B2B service provides within the US borders. This B2B review site showcases some of the best IT companies that deserve customer trust. As a result, many outsourcing vendors in the US strive for an UpCity Certified trust badge to strengthen their IT market credibility.

  • Monthly traffic: 455’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: Yes (free plan, certified partnership, and sponsorship).


WADLINE helps customers find complete technology stack for web, mobile, and software development. Businesses can use this review platform to learn about the best IT services and software solutions in various countries. You can become WADLINE’s partner to expose and accredit your events. Of course, placing a trust badge from WADLINE will add more weight to your company.

  • Monthly traffic: 1’000+ monthly visits.
  • Sponsorship options: Yes (free plan; $24 and $150 monthly subscriptions).


Are you looking for a vetted software development company for your project? YouTeam offers a unique B2B hiring model that gives access to a global talent pool. IT companies that become partners with YouTeam will show potential buyers their credibility. Therefore, you can use this platform as another marketing channel to find new clients.

How to Promote an IT Company with B2B Review Websites

You should strive to make review platforms a stable resource for new clients. Here are some tips you can use to get the most value out of B2B review sites:

  • Understand how each B2B review site works. When picking platforms, you should pay attention to their ranking factors. In addition to that, make sure that the reviews are authenticated and appropriately moderated.
  • Focus on few selected platforms. Don’t dissipate your focus on dozens of review portals at once. Instead, you should evaluate your business goals and identify what you hope to accomplish with each website. Then, concentrate your resources on two or three review platforms (for a start).
  • Provide sufficient information. Make sure to include detailed descriptions about your IT company’s areas of expertise. This will make you more visible in your categories. As you go on, don’t forget to update your profile and portfolio on every platform.
  • Display trust badges on your website. You should strive to get to the “Top companies” lists from B2B review sites. This will let you display their trust badges on your website. Alternatively, you can apply for sponsorship options.
  • Fill your profile with relevant reviews. Ask satisfied customers to rank your company and leave feedback on B2B review sites. Just a handful of positive reviews (usually 6-10) is enough to put you on a map.

But that’s not all! There are other types of trust seals that can help your IT company generate more conversions.

Other Trust Badges That Deserve a Mention

As I mentioned, there are many factors that help obtain customer trust and generate leads. So, let’s take a look at useful trust seals for IT companies and E-commerce organizations.

  • Certified partner seals. These confirm that your business provides value in a particular area of expertise. I already talked about these badges previously in the article.
  • Accepted payment badges. These badges indicate that your website offers various payment options. The most popular examples include Verified by Visa and PayPay payment badge.
  • Content protection seals. Don’t want other resources to steal your content? You can order protection from sites like DMCA or Copyscape to takedown plagiarizers. On top of that, having a trust badge from these platforms warns others that your content is adequately secured.
  • Security trust badges. A badge from companies like Norton, Symantec, and McAfee will let users see that your website utilizes proper SSL certification and data encryption. Consequently, they’ll know that their payment and contact information remains secure.


To sum up, wearing trust badges from reputable B2B review sites is invaluable in the software development industry. Using Clutch.co alternatives properly can help you:

  • increase the power of your social proof
  • gain access to new clients (and sources of income)
  • build customer trust
  • showcase your company’s expertise
  • improve brand awareness
  • drive your sales forward

I hope you’ve found my quick guide on business review platforms and trust seals helpful. 

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