Top Social Media Influencers To Follow

Motivation, the thing that can make you work whole night and you still feel great. People have different approaches when it comes to staying motivated. Some do exercise, some read books. One of the easy way is to follow leaders or influencers. With the advent of Social Media, it has now become very easy to follow your ideals.

Whether you are looking for motivations, business ideas or just something to laugh about, there are plenty of people to follow who share great bits of advice and quality content. We will share top 10 these influencers from different backgrounds for you to follow, for your daily dose of information and motivation.


Type: Motivation

Platform: Instagram

DialyDose is one of the first motivational accounts on Instagram. It now has over 1 million followers. DialyDose shares inspirational and motivations quotes daily and some of them are quite funny. While explaining the vision behind DialyDose creation It's creator Tim karsliyev siad "Daily Dose is beyond a brand, but about building others up. Aside from the vision itself, I aggressively study market trends which allows me to constantly be pivoting. I don’t shift - I pivot. When you learn how to pivot, you don’t get stuck and you don’t hit a wall. You are constantly moving with the varying tides of business".

Ann Handley

Type: Marketing

Platform: Twitter

Ann Handley is a well-known author. Her book "Everybody Writes" is WSJ(Wall Street Journal) best seller. She is one of the biggest advocates of the high-quality content. She shares some great content on marketing and content marketing. If you are into content marketing, she is one to follow.

Guy Kawasaki

Type: Social Media

Platform: Twitter

Guy is a marketing specialist and has written 13 books on internet marketing and its trends. Previously he was working for Apple and has almost 1.5 million followers on Twitter. Currently, he is working for Canva which is an online tool for creating great visual content. Guy Kawasaki share great insights into online marketing.

Neil Patel

Type: Internet Marketing

Platform: Twitter, Facebook

If you were not living under the rock for a couple of years, there is no way you have not heard about Neil. Consider as an authority on internet marketing, Neil has created great companies in his niche. The unique thing about him is that he shares a great wealth of knowledge, his articles are in great depth. If you are even remotely contacted with internet marketing, this guy is a sure follow.

 Virginia Salas Kastilio

Type: Social Media Marketing

Platform: Snapchat, Twitter

Virginia is one of the top three influencer snapchat. Snapchat is her full-time job. She has worked for brands like Nasdaq to make their social media presence more prominent.  She shares unique content regarding social media marketing trends. Here is her article on Forbes where she gave some great tips on user engagement.

Furious Pete

Type: Health and Fitness

Platform: YouTube

This guy survived cancer and anorexia and now shares his story through Youtube. There are over 5 million subscribers on Youtube who follow Pete for his regular dose of motivational and health tips. Pete has leveraged his social media presence to build his brand. You can defenatly learn a thing or two about fitness and also how to build your online brand.

Ann Lewnes

Type: Online Marketing

Platform: Twitter

Ann is chief marketing officer for Adobe. She is the real reason behind the successful marketing of Adobe products. Before Adobe she was serving as vice president of marketing in Intel. So yeah she knows what she is doing and she is doing this for almost 30 years. She regularly shares great marketing content on her twitter.

Brian D. Evans

Type: Online Marketing

Platform: Twitter

Brain is the founder of BDE Venture, which is an online marketing and advertising company. He is also one of top 7 influencers. His blog at pretty big readership. He is also a great advocate of cryptocurrency. Follow him on twitter for his unconventional thoughts.

Joel Comm

Type: Online Marketing

Platform: Twitter

This guy has written more than 10 books on topics from Google Adsense to twitter. Some of his books are Newyork Times Best Sellers. He regularly shares inspiring thoughts on twitter and some time shares small videos with great content.  Have a look at his latest twitt.

Kim Garst

Type: Social Media Marketing

Platform: Twitter

Kim If you're interested in social media marketing strategies, Kim Garst is a great marketing expert to follow. Garst is a small business owner and entrepreneur who shares actionable advice with her 500,000-plus social media followers. Garst is known for creating easy to digestible blog posts and e-books designed to help marketers use social media platforms more effectively.

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