Top Rated Magento Extensions to Boost Advertising and Marketing

Supported by immense development and a dedicated community, Magento is arguably the most rapidly growing e-commerce platform deployed by over 200,000 businesses of varying niches and scales. Owing to its scalability, endless list of features, user-friendliness and open source status, it has become a primary choice among users searching for e-commerce solutions.

While Magento does come loaded with features, external tools can be enabled using extensions for additional functionality. Magento’s widespread utilization as a top e-commerce solution has led to the development of numerous extensions designed to provide functionalities ranging from improving sales and traffic to managing social media reviews.

Choosing a required Magento extension from the multitude of available ones can become a complicated task as there exist many which offer similar features. Following are the most highly rated Magento extensions covering their respective functionalities:

Top Magento Extensions For Advertising and Marketing

Social Media Integration Extensions

Social media integration is critical for ensuring your online store is well received by users and allows them to use their existing social media accounts rather than creating new ones specifically for the store. Following are the most highly rated Magento social media integration extensions:

  1. Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews allows viewing of reviews submitted by authentic customer Facebook profiles on your stores Facebook page. Moreover, the reviews can be posted from the store itself which is then displayed on both the store and social platforms. This eliminates input from false profiles concerned with damaging brand reputation and confirms that the store product reviews are genuine rather than generated on purpose for promotion.

  1. Sociable

Customers often share their experiences within their social media circle and Sociable extension capitalizes on it by giving store owners options to add social sharing buttons for sharing their store links for customers. It also identified which product on the store has been bookmarked the most to identify it for promotion as a hot item.

Affiliate Program Extensions

Affiliate marketing is beneficial for both the affiliate marketers and advertiser, providing the marketer with the opportunity to greater sales and advertiser with higher traffic, conversions, SERP ratings and commission earned as a result of affiliate sales. While affiliate programs are viewed with caution owing to lack of information for successfully managing them. Even so, effective affiliate marketing is both light on monetary investment and increases traffic for your site. Following affiliate program Magento extensions excel in their dedicated niche:

  1. Affiliate by MageWorld

Affiliate by MageWorld focuses on delivering functionality to create interactive affiliate programs which can be easily perceived by customers for boosting conversions and traffic. Once a customer has access to links, they can share it through email and social media for drawing in even more potential leads. The extension permits program managers to build affiliate programs synchronized with their business objectives with complete detail, from the account creation and affiliate programs to product categories and brands.

  1. Jorhna Magento Affiliate Extension

Jorhna Magento affiliate extension is designed to provide an extensive list of features for managing affiliate programs ranging from creating a customized program type and setting commission to user accounts and referral links. The extension facilitates creating and overseeing the performance of affiliate marketers linked with your programs. The main interface is optimized to display important controls for managing the program, involved affiliates and notifications prominently, enhancing usability for an otherwise complicated task.

Sales Extensions

Selling products and services is the primary objective of an e-commerce store and Magento provides a host of extensions to achieve your business goals. Built with exceptional features and usability, these Magento sales extensions are most widely used by online stores:

  1. Magento Multi-Vendor

If you wish to create your own marketplace, Magento Multi-Vendor is just the extension to make that happen. It allows the creation of an online store where third-party retailers can advertise their products, which in turn attracts traffic and develops a reputation for your store. The extension provides the user with controls to view products being offered from the dashboard. It also features moderation via permitting or prohibiting products and users which do not conform to restrictions defined for the online store. The retailers are granted authority over their product related elements such as product details, orders, notifications and billing statements while you can view customer orders. The customers can view the retailer data, products being offered, their availability to compare them to competitors and submit reviews about them.

  1. Daily Deals

Daily Deals facilitates the complicated task of managing limited time offers and deals on an online store by providing features such as countdown timers for displaying duration till deal expiration. To streamline the user experience, the extension categorizes the offers into 3 tabs according to their duration which contains daily offers, deals to come and all offers. This both entices customers to action and enhances the user experience, improving chances of potential purchases. It also features a high degree of customization such as setting deal display position on sidebars, color settings and the timeline for deals to ensure the deals are optimized to incite customer action.

Payment Extensions

Payment is the final step towards securing a conversion and hence a critical one, where the slightest errors can result in abandonment. Even if the other elements have been optimized for user experience, complex and time-consuming procedures for payment often result in loss of potential conversions. Since payment extensions cover all aspect which may cause abandonment at this point, integrating them with your online store resolves payment issues leading to loss of revenue. Following are some of the best Magento payment extensions:

  1. Planet Payment Module

Accepting payments from more than 300 different kinds of credit and debit cards, Planet Payment Module allows customers to enter credit card information in the site instead of being redirected to other channels. The module conforms with PCI DSS, meaning the online store utilizes hidden authorization and itself does not save any sensitive information, respecting customer privacy. The online store owner holds the authority to accept and reject cards as well as controlling transactional elements and presentation of cards on the store.

  1. Payment and Shipping by Customer Group

Managing customers is a complicated task due to their diverse nature, varying behavior, and groups. Payment and Shipping by Customer Group simplifies the processes by offering various payment and shipping options for customers as well as allotting discounts and bonuses for customer groups. Designed for enhanced user experience, it permits users to customize the entire course of payments and assigning multiple customer groups unique features which have been exclusively enabled for them.

Geo IP and Google Maps Extensions

Google Maps is the biggest web mapping service. It’s easy to use interface and remarkable accuracy has made it an exceptional platform for users to find locations, seek transport and navigation options, find travel routes, and calculate the distance from current location etc. Similarly, Geo IP location is also a useful tool to find the location of the online user from anywhere around the world. Online databases such as Maxmind database are reliable sources to for user Geo IP location. Here are 2 useful extensions for Magento that use these sources for marketing.

  1. Geo IP Store View

Geo IP Store View extension works by detecting customer’s location and redirecting them to their regional store. This way a customer who visits a website of another state or country will be redirected to the relevant store through geo-targeting. This gives personalized experience to the customers according to their regional preferences, improving user experience and increasing conversions rates. Merchants can also utilize other features in this extensions such as manual redirection, IP exceptions, and custom storefronts.

  1. Google Maps Store Locator

Google maps have an incredible marketing potential. Using this platform, Google Maps Store Locator extension allows store owners to show their stores on the map and make them searchable through their products and address. Customers can enter a related product and this extension will find the nearest store in the customer’s vicinity. Merchant’ can also enhance searchability by displaying store attributes.

Invoice Extensions

Invoices are confirmations of transactions between customer and organization containing information which is critical for proof as a purchase in case of refunds or other order issues. The following Magento invoice extensions are both highly rated for functionality and user-friendliness:

  1. Order Manager

Order Manager is a professionally developed Magento extension featuring high usability and functionality by providing an interface which supports editing the customer order elements such as their status, payment method selection for shipping. Designed to reduce the steps required for managing orders for an online store, it is a highly rated for minimizing the time required while retaining functionality by requiring only basic input from the backend.

  1. Auto Invoice

Auto Invoice creates shipment invoices for orders being made from your online store. It allows selection of a certain parameter for the customer to reach beyond which the invoice is generated, which transfers control to store owners for selecting at which point the invoice is required.

Shipping Extensions

Shipping ranks among the top reasons leading to cart abandonment and reduces significant revenue for an online store. Customers base their decisions to continue with the purchase based on how shipping factors such as delivery timeframe, cost, carriers, and limits on order quantity and price are managed by online store for their convenience. Choose from the following Magento shipping extensions to ensure your customers remain satisfied with store shipping services:

  1. Shipping Rules

Rather than shipping costs, carriers and other elements, failure to strategically manage them are attributed to be the leading cause for cart abandonment. Shipping Rules functions by simplifying the intricate work of calculating and setting prices by allowing the store owner to set costs similar to how they are set for promotions. Factors such as total cart items, total price, state, and country can be used to define prices, which streamline the process of managing store shipping.

  1. Shipping Restrictions

Factors such as shipping country, product category and brand can be utilized for control through Shipping Restrictions extension. Restrictions can be set according to the type of customers, the items in cart, total cost and other factors. The extension is designed to contain the behavior of customers during when selecting shipping options and ensures they conform with what the online store has planned.

Follow-up Email Extensions

Store owners are always looking towards an automated solution to reach out towards their customers. This involves reminding them to revisit their page, notifying about an upcoming product, or just asking them to complete their checkout. Thankfully, Magento has an answer to all these problems and numerous plugins are available for every purpose. These extensions automate email reminders to customers which allows e-commerce store owners to focus on other important tasks.

  1. Out of Stock Notification

A useful extension that allows customers to subscribe for out of stock products on store owner’s website. Once the products are back in stock, an auto-generated email is sent to all subscribed customers reminding them about back in stock products. Out of stock notification helps customers buy products which they eagerly await without checking the website each time for availability. In turn, it increases store sales and improves site engagement.

  1. Abandoned Cart Reminder

Getting customers to revisit an online store is one thing, but inviting customers to complete their pending checkouts is completely other. This is where Abandoned Cart Reminder steps in. This extension sends reminder emails to those customers who have items in their cart. Customers can access their cart page directly from the link provided in the email which streamlines the entire process. Store owners can also customize a number of emails sent to the customer, discount options, payment options and much more.

Selecting Magento Extensions for Your Online Store

While managing an online store may seem to require momentous effort and resources, Magento provides an endless list of useful extensions which handle the bulk of processes and streamline the required tasks. By selecting from this list of highly rated Magento extensions, you can integrate some of the most useful extensions in the market and avail from their certified features.

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