Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Websites.

Now we know affiliate marketing works and there are many examples where affiliate marketers are earning very good money. You have also set up more than one affiliate marketing websites but the ROI (Rate of Return) is not what you expected. You are also investing quite a lot of time and energy but still, it's not working out.

If this is the case, You need not worry. Today we are going to share 4 tips that will help you break that plateau. One more thing to keep in mind is that it might be possible that your affiliate marketing websites getting good traffic but you need to make sure that the traffic you are getting is of right kind i.e the shoppers. These tips will also help you to attract more traffic and at the same time make your visitors your buyers as well.

Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Websites

Content, Content and Content

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your content is absolutely outstanding. The content is and will always be the king and if your content is not up to the mark, every other strategy that you follow will not work in the long run. So the first thing that needs your resources is to invest in great content and generate high-quality content. If you can do it your self-do that's a plus and if not then hire good content creators. Prime examples of good content is to provide your audience what they visit your website for i.e if your affiliate marketing website is about reviews of gadgets, then do an honest and to the point review of the gadgets. Similarly, all of your affiliate marketing websites should be focused on their own [artciluar niche and your niche should be very well defined. Then you should regularly give fresh and good quality content to your visitors.

Select Your Keywords Carefully

Keyword selection is also one of the key tasks while launching any new affiliate marketing program or a website. As you know keywords are the words that a user puts into a search engine when he or she wants to have some information or buy some product. Your selection of keywords should not be very competitive or your should not try to rank for very competitive keywords as there is already big sites ranking for them and your chance of beating them will be very low. I am not saying that it cant be done but the amount of time and resources that would be required to do so will be out of your budget when compared to brands like Amazon.

So what you can do is to target for long tails keywords, there has been much research on them available and they have been proved to rank very easily. The people who are looking to buy usually do research with a different sort of keywords than just regular visitor and you can utilize those money keywords to your benefit. People who are searching for terms like top, latest or funny are not the one you should be focused instead terms like best price, low price and sales etc are more likely to have an intention of buying. So avoid keywords that lack commercial intent. Neil Patel has an excellent article on how you can select and work generate traffic with high tail keywords.

International Visitors are also Important

We all want that our traffic should come from high ROI countries i.e USA, Canada, UK etc and most of the time we align our affiliate marketing website with those countries, we put sales and offers according to their holidays. This is a good strategy but just to focus on these two or three countries is not enough. If you are getting good international traffic then its time to monetize that as well. If you can send international buyers to the right place or store you can also earn quite a bit from it. Analyze your traffic and see from which countries you are also getting traffic and then search for affiliate programs from that countries. Your international visitors will be more happy to buy local products if they see their trusted affiliate website promoting them.

Check Your Website Performance Regularly

Last but not the least. Tracking how your website is performing is very important to analyze your current strategy and plan for a new one. See how your focused keywords are performing and how you can improve on some of them and completely change other. First and foremost thing to do is to install Google Analytics to your site to have an in-depth look at your traffic and the sources. There are also many online tools available i.e ahref and Moz that can very easily show you in-depth analysis of your competition. Although you can have a free account with Moz and can track 5 keywords but if you have more than one affiliate marketing websites and looking forward to making this your primary source of income then investing in one of these tools will really make difference. Keyword analysis is just a tip of the iceberg you can do much more with these tools from backlink analysis to content analysis. You can only beat your competition if you know how they are working.


Succeeding at affiliate marketing is not a very easy task as to say but with a right plan and hard work you can also achieve great success. The thing that matter is your ability to follow the plan and then tweak it accordingly as you go on.

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