Rebecca Lieb says that “Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing.” 

Marketing is pertinent to success if you’re a startup or even an established business looking for a new launch. Conventional marketing isn’t much appreciated by customers so content marketing comes into play. Content marketing makes marketing acceptable by presenting otherwise annoying product ads as products for inevitable needs.  

Adding on that, the marketing guru Neil Patel says that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and also generates about three times as many leads. YES! It generates more leads at less cost. Irrespective of you being a startup or an enterprise; an amazing content marketing team is always required to skyrocket a business.

Hiring a team: Freelancers vs Full-Time Employees  

Having established that a content marketing team becomes inexorable for the business, the next question is how can you build one at an affordable price? Companies tend to waste a lot of money on hiring full-time employees to manage things like social media, blog content &paid media, but with Fiverr, you can curate a content marketing team to your exact needs while cutting on a fair share of budget.

The image below gives an estimate of the hourly rate at which an employee costs the company. It is significantly higher after factoring in the benefits of a full-time employee avails. Freelancers at Fiverr account for all the factors in their hourly rate which still is a pretty meager one in comparison to the rates shown below. So, hiring part-time freelancers according to your requirements might be the best way to go about content marketing. 

An effective content marketing campaign depends greatly on the content marketing team structure and marketing team roles and performance. Delivering more than what’s expected from you comes down to the value of your content team players, so to give you an idea of where to start, here’s how to structure a marketing team on Fiverr.

The guide to Building an Unbeatable Content Marketing Team with Fiverr

Fiverr caters to the needs of every individual; starting from a student to a multi-million business associate or CEO. Fiverr is the largest marketplace with a variety of skilled individuals; who are competent in various niches and are willing to work very flexibly at a surprisingly meager rate. You can outsource blog writing, hire a content marketing team for different content team roles, and even hire a manager with sufficient experience to manage all the stuff related to your content-related campaigns.  Let’s delve into the details of formulating a brilliant content marketing team that can spearhead any marketing campaign to great success. 

Step 1: How to structure a marketing team; defining the roles

We cannot do content marketing by just hiring a copywriter and dumping all the work on them. Fiverr has enough skilled individuals to research a variety of content marketing team roles and maximize your output. Some of the most important content marketing roles to consider are:

  • CCO (Chief Content Officer) 
  • Content Editor
  • Marketing Strategist 

These positions play the main role in the performance of a content marketing team. CCO looks after the final contents and is in charge of hiring the people needed as well. The content editor edits the content to the best form possible in order to leverage it to the full extent. Marketing strategists know the ins and outs of advertisements and promotional campaigns. 

Content team structure and content marketing team roles can be based quite conveniently on the following image. 

Chief Content Officer (CCO) 

The Chief Content Officer (CCO) is responsible for looking after all the content marketing proceedings, both internal and external, across various platforms and formats to generate sales and drive engagement, retention, leads, and positive customer behavior. This critical position strengthens your overall content execution across all marketing channels. For example, after making up your mind that you’re going to launch a blog, a content manager can help you estimate the amount of content to produce, what each piece of writing should cover, what are the deadlines, and lastly when it will be published on your site. The recruitment of the writing and editing team can also be managed by them.

The CCO or CMM must be proficient in these 3 core content marketing skills since all of the things tend to come down to these 3 basic skills. CCO looks after all the content marketing team roles in order to get the best out of them. The CCO and his/her team must end up in:

  1. Creating content people actually want
  2. Sharing content on the channels they use
  3. Measuring the results of content marketing activities

Marketing Strategist

The prime responsibilities of a marketing strategist are setting up specific objectives in order to develop a cohesive and profitable marketing strategy for the company. This role is pertinent to the content creation team success owing to the vitality of marketing in today’s world. The person responsible for this role executes the overall objectives for each piece of content to maximize its total value. For example, if you have outsourced your blog and now you have 3 blog posts about Black Friday, the strategist can determine the best time (seasonally) to post them, which sources to engage outside of the blog, and how to recycle them into other types of content to maximize value. The marketing strategist further manages two content team roles i.e. Content promotor and content analyst. 

Content Promoter  

The content promoter promotes the content to reach the audience. He deals with two content team roles i.e. SMM (social media manager) and branding specialist. Many startups and companies find it difficult to deal with social media management on the regular, but with a social media manager, you can rest assured that all the content for your social platforms is being managed at a single place. The referred position must set up a posting schedule for you with the latest automation tools, write catchy captions for each post, and put in use diversified content tricks with various social media features in relevance to every platform. 

Branding is half the marketing and it can’t be overseen. A dedicated branding specialist goes through all the content being produced to make sure that everything is representative of your brand. All of this results in proper logo placements, the right font style, the right tone of voice, and the right persons are approached according to different channels.

Content Analyst 

Content analyst plays a key role in analyzing the performance of published content. He/she keeps in check the performance through various KPIs and tools like google insights etc. The following metrics are used to measure or weight the achievement of promoted content. 

  • Site Traffic
  • On-site time
  • SEO results
  • Customers’ understandability/readability 
  • Returning visitors
  • Percentage of Conversion/sales
  • Brand Awareness, repute, and social fame

Content Editor

Rechecking for errors is always better after a fresh copywriting. The same rules apply for other content assets like photos or videos. Hiring persons on these roles can help you save you a lot of time and headaches in the end. Content edition seems to be required in the following ways.

Copy editor: A copy editor ensures the correctness of written words to ensure brand reputation. He/she also rectify any misinformation to avoid legal compliance

Photo editor: Captures or takes product photos, social media images, landing page pictures to maintain and increase brand reputation and overall aesthetic value across all platforms.

Video editor: records videos and edits the footages for use on a variety of marketing platforms (website, social media, web seminars, Q & As, etc.)

The content editor in the content marketing team handles and manages the content from content writers and graphic designers to find and amend any discrepancies for coherence in the overall theme. 

Content Writers

This encompasses a wide range of talents, but primarily, you need at least one solid writer to turn all your ideas into reality. Content writing seems to be the favorite category of freelancers owing to the numerous profiles available there. The writer on any marketing team can be selected if he has the following skillset.

Blog and article writing: He must be proficient in producing quick editorials and listicles to result in regular engagement. 

Web copywriting: Must have a strong grip on creating landing pages, pillar pages, and product descriptions copies. 

Email writer: Producing newsletters and email campaigns for achieving funnel conversions, new subscriptions, and lead generation.

Press Release writer: Adept in writing press releases to establish relationships and syndication partnerships with other brands and publishers.

Technical writer: Must know how to fill out technical specifications, procedures, or legal jargon to produce well versed and researched resources.

Graphic Designer

 A graphic designer is needed to craft your ideas and impart a digital style to your brand for online and print services. A good graphic designer should be an expert in software like Photoshop, Premiere, and InDesign, among other top graphic designer tools.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Fiverr Freelancers

Now that you know how to structure your content marketing and what roles to fill, your next step is to visit the Fiverr site and choose the right freelancers for your brand.

Remember that freelancers create gig packages to show off their skills and services to clients, so make sure to read each gig carefully and compare prices according to your budget to ensure that your hiring remains in your allotted budget. If you see a gig that looks compelling and offers you a fair package of deliverables, then feel free to engage that freelancer in a conversation to get an idea of their workflow and if it matches your needs. Fiverr freelancers are very friendly and easy-going, so never hesitate to put forward a custom request. Most of the freelancers will have no issues in offering a custom gig rate for you. 

When you’re looking to fill up a critical position in your content creation team, never hesitate to ask for an interview. Start from the basics and delve into the tiny details to ensure that the person you’re hiring is the ultimate best. If you’re finding it difficult to judge the candidate, use the following guide. 

You can always use this helpful guide from the content marketing guru Neil Patel for hiring proficient and expert content marketers. 

Step 3: Building a Strong Foundation and Implementing a Strategy

Having the right team at your hand, your next step should be to build a strong foundation of cohesive content with clearly defined goals.

Formulating your strategy:

In short, you can’t just guide everybody to do their own work and wait for the results to auto produce. Therefore, make full use of your content manager‘s skills to craft a full content schedule with titles and objectives for each piece. You can decide how many articles, social platforms posts, landing pages, or emails you want to send out while keeping a check on your budget. Your content manager will plan to it accordingly if no of the items is 30, after that your content strategist can assign the assignments to the selected people with corresponding deadlines.

Implementing the strategy:

So the main job is to wait for the material to come in, assigning it to the right editors for copy, photo, or video, then give that content to your social media manager for posting on social media platforms. The content manager can also approve and allow a post on your site.

Refining the Strategy:

It is very important to figure out every month which aspects of your content marketing strategy worked and what can be improved for the next month. In any case, your ultimate wish is that you produce the content planned by staying within budget and this reevaluation will help you readjust for the future if any of the parameters are out of order.

Step 4: Promoting Your Content

Content marketing is about two things; creating beautiful and user-targeted content and then leveraging the power of marketing nowadays to get the best results out of that content. So, the 1st part is done, your content is written, edited, SEO-optimized, and published, it’s time to start promoting it.

Information technology has been booming in the 21st century, which has made marketing very interesting and easy. We are offered a variety of options to achieve our desired result. To gain the best engagement from your new content marketing strategy, you can go for a paid promotion or unpaid promotion as it suits you.

Organic Promotion (Search and Social)

Using non-paid strategies to boost your content’s engagement and interaction is referred to as organic promotion. Take the case when you’re using blog content outsourcing and published a blog post, your first step should be to make a small version of it for social media channels and post it with a URL that connects to your site’s data analytics. In the next step, revamp the blog into a newsletter sort of campaign and send it out to listed emails who might find interest in the topic. When you’re done with it, urge all staff members to post the blog on their respective special media profiles to increase organic traffic.

Anything you can do to create buzz on your own helps lay a base of traffic that you can capitalize on with paid campaigns in the future.

Paid Media

Paid media (online promotions and advertisements) can be done on numerous social platforms and e-commerce sites. Having platforms like Facebook & Instagram, you can effortlessly run paid ads to targeted demographics that each platform sets up for you. This is very conveniently done by the built-in software in these apps which helps you establish how much engagement you’ll earn according to the amount of money you want to spend. With sites like Amazon, you can run paid promotions for a certain product to boost its page ranking, and that formula is pretty straightforward through its platform.

Having figured that, you still have to develop and implement a strategy to gain the best results from paid advertisements. Seasonal content that’s time-dependent or event-based is a great way to start with. If the NFL season is fast-approaching, write a blog post about how your brand interacts with the festivities and why customers should get involved. Next, post it on Facebook and run a paid ad behind it to ensure that the largest group of people engages with it.

Step 5: Regularly Measure Success

There are mistakes in a win as well so we have to continuously strive in order to be better than yesterday. You have to constantly look for improvements in the strategy, campaign, content, and promotion and investigate for shortcomings to progress. Regularly measure the performance of your content marketing team to measure everyone’s success.

Whether you use Google Analytics or your isolated reports from social media profiles and websites, regularly sit down with your staff to analyze and investigate your team’s efforts. If you notice a decline in the reach of contents or blog posts or if no one is opening your emails, it might be the right time to reevaluate your strategy and execution to identify and curb the problem.

Trust on Fiverr; it can skyrocket your Content Marketing Campaigns

Making and managing the right content marketing team can be pretty difficult but Fiverr removes a lot of the leg work to offer you vetted professionals within your budget. The 5-step formula breaks it down for you to follow it effortlessly. Businesses and enterprises have earned millions from content marketing campaigns driven by Fiverr related professionals. 

Fiverr Pro

With a wide array of skills and niches on offer, take your time searching the platform for the right freelancers that go with your long-term goals. Additionally, if you’re short on time and want to cut right to the chase, freelancers on Fiverr Pro offer an extra layer of extremely skilled and professional freelancers with an impeccable record who are bound to win it for you. 

Use your time wisely and don’t waste time and money on incomplete and inexpensive strategies that lead nowhere. Instead, choose Fiverr freelancers for an all-star team. Fiverr is even offering a dedicated platform for managing all your business-related work at a single place.

Fiverr Business – manage all your freelancers in a single dashboard

Fiverr Business has been designed to gel with the company’s workflow and become a source of effortless digital connectivity of the remote employees. All of the employees get access to Email, Slack, Dropbox, etc. with Fiverr Business team account access as well wherein they can manage all of their projects. Fiverr business is user-friendly, reliable, even budget-friendly, but on top of everything, it helps in getting the job done faster than ever.

Fiverr Business provides the team managers with administrative and collaborative tools needed to give them the necessary overview and insight into all of the projects being managed through Fiverr. This new platform gives them the agility and productivity needed to grow and scale at pace. 

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