Affiliates Coupon Code ( 1.0.0)

Generate Coupon Code To Attract Affiliates & Customers

Increase your product exposure by creating exclusive coupon codes for affiliates and offer customers exciting discounts.

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Grab the attention of the customer by offering cut price merchandise with Coupon Codes plugin for Jorhna plus. Assign affiliates with personalized coupon codes to enhance product sales as it motivate affiliates to spread discount coupon more as a chance to get better conversions which ultimate increases their commission.

How it works

The coupon code is issued by the merchant to the affiliate with a unique pattern. Each time the affiliate shares the coupon the customers will be attracted to it and purchase the product with interesting discounts. The affiliate will in turn receive commission on every customer who used the coupon to purchase the item. To avail the discount the customers will have to put the coupon code in magento cart page during checkout.

Core Feautres of Jorhna Affiliate Coupon Code

  • Select status of coupon as specific coupon and assign it to a specific program.

  • The coupon can be an auto generated code for an affiliate or with custom syntax.

  • Custom Coupon Code includes code prefix, middle code Length and code suffix.

  • Specify the discount amount for the coupon code.

  • The discount will be applied only on products included in the specific affiliate program for which the coupon code is generated.

  • View the coupon use history of affiliates from the back end.

  • Affiliates can share the coupon on their websites, social media pages and blogs.

Benefits For the Affiliate

  • Every Affiliate will have his own coupon code to distribute for every specific program independently.

  • Affiliates can make more commission by luring more customer with attractive discounts through coupon codes.

  • Easy tracking as whenever the particular coupon code is used the affiliate will get the commission.

Benefits For the Merchant

  • The custom generated coupon allows the merchant to recognize the affiliate without checking the ID from the back office.

  • Merchants get more exposure of their products as affiliate tends to share products with attractive discounts.


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