Affiliates Share Links ( 1.0.0)

Quick Social Buttons On Products For Affiliates Sharing

Add social sharing button on products & banners’ page for affiliates to enable one click sharing with affiliate referral link.

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Allow Affiliates to easily share your products and banners on social media platforms with a single click. By offering easy sharing option with Affiliate Share Links module, the affiliate will get your website more exposure by spreading the word to the social media followers.

How it Works

The Module allows the affiliates to put your products on their social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram and 30 more with a single click. After a quick installation the affiliate will see a social sharing button on your products and banners’ page. The affiliates will be able to share product URL with the referral link on their social networks.

Core Feautres of Jorhna Affiliate Share Links

  • Add social sharing button for more than 35 social networks.

  • Creates social media sharing button on all products and affiliate banners page.

  • Affiliates can share banners & products on their social media profiles with a single click.

  • Commission will not be granted to affiliates on sales of products shared outside of their affiliate programs.

Benefits For the Affiliate

  • Speeds up social media sharing function with just one click and saves a lot of time for the affiliate.

  • Allows the affiliate to expand the span of marketing and earn more commission through easy social media sharing.

Benefits For the Merchant

  • One click social sharing option help you to get maximum shares on social networks by affiliates.

  • Diverts social media traffic to your store with high percentage of potential customers.

  • You don’t need to move a muscle, everything is done by the affiliate and the rest by the customer.

  • Other products shared outside of the affiliate program will receive exposure but you will not have to pay commission to affiliates.


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